Branding Questionnaire

  • This form is meant to guide you through a basic branding / strategic thinking process and tell the story of your non-profit's mission. The process will help your development and design team build the perfect site for you, so please take your time and work through this form thoroughly.

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  • Branding is a vital conversation. The essence of the question of brand is, “What is your message?” In the interest of making the dialog about your company as rich as possible, it is important to understand your brand and how it resonates with your audience.

    This is what we need to discover through the following questions.
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  • Corporate Identity

  • RFA provides horseback riding as therapy to children and adults with disabilities to improve their quality of life.
  • RFA provides horseback riding as therapy to children and adults with disabilities to improve their quality of life.
  • Company Mission

    As you answer each of the following questions, you may notice they seem very similar to each other. The purpose of this is to refine the process of determining your unique and specific brand.
  • RFA exists to help children and adults improve their quality of life.
  • The horse motivates riders to use their hands, legs and voice in ways they've never done before. Children who are deaf learn to balance better. Children who are blind learn good posture, which strengthens their muscles to help them hold their heads up. Children with Cerebral Palsy break their tendency to bend their legs inward because they're forced to stretch their muscles outward to stay atop the horse. But often more important than the physical accomplishments is that riding horses increases a sense of self worth and self-esteem. Therapeutic Riding is the core of our program. Certified PATH instructors, with trained volunteers, assist riders to achieve goals, acquire horsemanship skills, and establish a special bond with their horses. We also have volunteers that are certified to use the Horse Boy Method (strong focus on Autism), when appropriate. Find out more about the Horse Boy Method and Movement Method at
  • Benefits of our program include improved confidence, and self esteem, balance, flexibility, range of motion, muscle tone and strength, behavior, ability to stay on task, quality of movement, and decreased need for medication. Research shows that those who participate in hippotherapy and therapeutic riding can experience physical, emotional, and mental rewards. A special bond is established between horse and rider which encourages unconditional love, trust, and self-worth. This bond is an integral part of our program. The unique relationship formed with a horse can help improve interpersonal relationships. All riders can benefit from increased confidence and coping skills.
  • Improves the quality of life for individuals w special needs.
  • Horseback Riding as therapy
  • Horses had always been in my life until I got married and had children. When all of my children (3) were in school I took a job as a barn manager at a small boarding barn near by. I went to a horse expo in Raleigh and discover another center that did therapeutic riding and decided to volunteer. after a year of volunteering. I got my certification as an instructor and started the program. The need in our area was overwhelming and Ive been doing it ever since.
  • Reins From Above The special bond between horse and rider cannot be explained. It truly is a God thing.
  • RFA is a 100% volunteer organization. Volunteers come to us for a variety of reasons, not just to help people, they also find a purpose and a positive impact on their personal life, Our horses are senior horses that have been donated from people that dont have a need for them so it gives them a job also. Students and families receive a much needed therapeutic experience. Our program helps everyone involved.
  • Caring, positive influence, fun, helps everyone involved
  • pony ride. business,
  • People and animals helping those with disabilities overcome obstacles. Smiles, Laughing, achievements, horses.
  • Why: A brand is perceived by consumers like a person. You trust them, you communicate with them through advertising and purchase, you get disappointed by them, etc. The identity you're designing is the face of that person.

    Once you've answered the question, then list what attributes match those of your brand.
  • A horse because are trusting, non judgmental and are found in a herd (a team)
  • St. Judes Children hospital because they help sick children without cost.
  • Why ask: This is what you have to portray in your new identity to reach your audience. Example: We want to be seen as a company with traditional values but using the latest technology and materials. / We need to be perceived as a professional organization you can trust with self-defense training. An organization that provides a much needed therapy safely with loving caring people in s fun an nurturing environment at an affordable cost and someday free of charge.
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  • We have always used orange because it resembles a sunset
  • None
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